Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb's SECRET Hero! смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

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I recently checked out PHINEAS AND FERB, and it's actually way better than I expected. But one thing stuck out to me above all the show's idiosyncrasies: Why hasn't Dr. Doofenshmirtz been arrested? He's obviously a villain, and his plans are so easy to thwart. Well, Loyal Theorists, I've uncovered the answer: Doofenshmirtz is unwittingly helping the OWCA the whole time!

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  • Hee Yun

    maybe they dont have winter break like most kids do so they have an extended vacation it kind of makes sense.


    104 days off for summer , 42 day uk life is hard

  • Amazing Ali


  • Duchu26

    Fun fact: OWCA - means "sheep" in Polish.

  • Rami Sabbagh

    Well i live in saudi arabia and there we have a 4 month summer vacation which is about 112 daysSooo.....yeah

  • Taco Tuesday Lover

    Question: if they say 104 days and the longest is 90 then wouldn’t it be 14 and not 16 extra days?

  • The Hollanesian

    Dr. D is like a retarded Rick Sanchez.

  • Captain Hi-C

    10:46 ....MatPat..............why........

  • akshat rawat

    Has anyone notice that at 9:12 , when he was telling his full name he says gunther Maybe he is the future gunther ????

  • roblox boi

    Well they Ben and school once or once

  • Sequoia Caldwell

    Omg all my life I thought we had 104 of summer vacation... My life is a lie😭😭😭

  • Gaming Lord

    Candace=veneca because they both try to bust one of there family member Candace tries to bust her brothers while veneca want to bust her father for being evil

  • peblezQ

    Thanks for doing a theory on this show MatPat

  • Enigma O'Dell

    I thought that Heinz being a part of O.W.C.A. was after "the last day of summer" when he turns good. This makes a lot of sense, though. More sense than the actual series. *Casually leans on the fourth wall*.

  • Silver Flash

    0:09 Look I love P&F.. But that's creepy

  • Gaming Lord

    By the way why did doctor D create norm when he is useless to him?, Why does the owca employ animals not humans and if they do why did they hire Carl

  • nyanmia8

    104 and its one hundred four not a hundred AND four

  • Ari'sWorldX2


  • Shadowtrooper1166

    Matpat theory incorporated!!!

  • nyanmia8

    do a theory on hiveswap or homestuck ether one is good please?

  • Marvin Rodriguez

    Oh fuckkkkk my minded was bowed once again

  • Jim Bob Jason

    So he's mest from fairy tail

  • José Azcona

    make a theory about knights oficial shidonia

  • CharlotteHacks

    if they only have 104 days of summer vacation wouldn't there only be 104 episodes? ITS A SIGN

  • Unknown Black

    Change your intro cunt

  • José Azcona

    make a Theory about lights oficial shidonia


    The owca files happened after the show, unless your talking about how in the future he's out of the agency

  • LeoNeo Playz

    Doof could have gotten arrested since in the episode doof 101 he says that he picked to become a teacher instead of going to prison

  • 박 나 영 v

    he spelled Doofenshmirtz wrong😀 he spelled it Doofenschmirtz 3:30. 5 years watching that show, took me 1 second to realize the mistake😆

  • Roberto Aburto

    So MatPat points out that the intro say 104 days of summer, finds out that the most a summer vacation lasts is 90 days, and then says "they get an extra 16 days"Not trying to bash, just asking if anyone else noticed

  • Keira Microwave

    I’ve been watching fineus and Ferb for a while now and I think ferb might be adopted

  • Euphoria Social and More

    When doof said "Summer has been like 4 years",I knew that his inventions was a big benefit for the OWCA

  • Veronica Smith

    can you make a theory about Greenhouse acadamy?

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